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Top 7 Organizing Gifts For This Holiday Season

What gift is a great gift for someone that has everything? Maybe it’s hard to buy for them. Clients often ask me what organizing tools I use and what are the most popular ones for my clients. Here are my top 7 organizing tools for clients and go-tos for me. Whether your gift recipient has everything or they are hard to buy for, this list will give you a wide range of ideas.

7. Jewelry organizer rather than a jewelry box. A great deal of people I work with want to see what they have. Look for one that they can grow into, something that can make their favorite pieces visible to them. It can go on their dresser or hang in their closet.

- Cost between $9.99 to $49.99

- Find one here that can be for a teen or an adult

6. Clear multi-purpose containers that can be used for keys, socks, food, or anything in between. These bins are so versatile. Clients love them because everything is within reach and easy to see. Sometimes vary packs are sold and that’s a great way to get their organizing dreams started.

- Cost between $12.99 - $39.99 per container

- Find my favorite company here

5. Cord keepers are so great to have. We use so many electronics daily that it helps us to manage our cord monsters and keep it at bay. You can get cord keepers for 1 cord, many cords or even a power strip.

- Cost between $3.99 to $24.99

- Find a great variety here

4. Sealed plastic containers that are great for storing leftovers, pretzels, snacks, anything else you need to keep fresh. These containers have so many uses and can be changed as your needs and food habits change.

- Cost between $6.99 to $21.99 per container

- Find it one of the best containers in the business here

3. Photo Digitizing service. Most of us have hundreds if not thousands of photos that we need access to and want to make sure we can pass on for generations to come.

- Cost between $159 to $459, try it for free with 100 pictures or customize your package

- Find a great service here

2. Label Maker can help you get and stay organized. Your gift recipient will want to label everything. They can even label things in other languages. This tool is wonderful for the kitchen, bathroom, school rooms, play spaces, garages and much more.

- Cost between $34.99 to $89.99

- Find it my favorite brand here

1. My favorite organizing product to give and to use is the Grid-It by Cocoon. It is great for

travel, you can use it in a brief case or even school backpack. I have had one for nearly 10 years and the bungees have not worn out. This is a wonderful product!

- Cost between $14.99 to $59.99

- Find it the best tool around here

Happy shopping and have a wonderful holiday season!

Much joy and love, Carolina

Edit: Some links are paid affiliate links.

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