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Testimonials from Happy Clients

When I bought my house 18 years ago, the beautifully finished basement was just one of the many things I loved about the place. Over the years, the basement became the “storage” site for anything which didn’t have a home elsewhere in the house.

When I retired, clearing the basement and getting organized became my #1 priority…for about 10 minutes. I went downstairs and became completely overwhelmed. Stuff was EVERYWHERE. So, I decided to put it aside for another day. I’ve now been retired for over 10 years! Sadly, the basement never got better and, in fact, got even worse during the last decade. I actually became physically sick whenever I had to go down there.

One day, “Cure the Clutter” was mentioned on television. I wrote the website down, looked for a representative in this area, and found my liberator in Carolina Harvey.

I knew the second I met her that she was the answer to my prayers! While I didn’t know where to even start, she divided the basement into sections and dove right in. She was methodical, knowledgeable, hard-working, and very patient with my limitations even going so far as to change light bulbs which were out of my reach.

As items not seen in 10 – 20 years began to surface, her wise advice became invaluable. She asked the right, provocative questions. She was the voice of reason when it was decision-making time. On the flip-side, she was thoroughly understanding and compassionate when those decisions involved sentimental items with which I could not bear to part. As the basement continued to clear, she continuously encouraged me helping me to visualize my objective.

Today, it is a pleasure to go to my basement. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Carolina, for your help and hard work.

I would HIGHLY recommend Cure the Clutter and Carolina Harvey! 


-Debra | Harrisburg, PA 

Choosing Carolina to help me organize my home was a wonderful decision! She is knowledgeable and creative. She taught me organizational strategies that I still use when I'm tidying on my own. My clutter was tied to grief and loss, and Carolina was so sensitive and kind, yet focused. She asked the right questions to help me clearly see what I belongs in my life and what needed to be let go. She provided the encouragement and accountability I needed to tackle a job I couldn't do on my own. 

-Beth | Denver, PA 

I was suffering from depression, anxiety and an injury and was unable on my own to get my house organized. I got the idea from an out-of-state friend with similar circumstances to run a search in Harrisburg for an organizer who might assist. Cure the Clutter popped up as an option, and when I called and spoke with Carolina, I knew I had connected with the right person.

She came out and worked with me little by little, helping to target specific areas and helping me eliminate items I didn’t need anymore and organize the items that were left.

She helped me get my house in order and to feel as if I could breathe again in my own home.

I recommend that anyone struggling to get their home organized for any reason call Cure the Clutter. It’s a lifesaver and life changer.

-Tonya | Harrisburg, PA

Cure the Clutter entered my life in a great time of need. My mom left us an entire house and apartment full of items saved over much of her life. Cure the Clutter entered and helped me to organize my basement (the repository of all of her things), and this in turn helped  bring clarity and sense to what really mattered. With a family-like sensitivity and warmth, Carolina of Cure the Clutter changed a "hard to look at" and embarrassing space to one with a restored purpose. I have used Cure the Clutter to organize my lost basement, my buried garage and as assistance for an aging partner. I would highly recommend them as the solution to any clutter which ails you.

-Paula | Chambersburg, PA

My husband and I live in a small-ish home that has no basement, no attic, and only three closets for home storage. For many years we lived, literally, with piles of clutter!

Carolina worked with us to help sort it all out and, more importantly, to develop storage systems that are working. It has been over a year since we worked with Carolina and the areas that we worked on together are still in order!

This has been an amazing transformation! I have never had a home where things really do have a proper place and whole rooms can be clear of clutter and fully usable for their proper function! Our laundry room, in particular, was literally a disaster area, and Carolina was willing to jump in and help us get the job done!

Carolina is wonderful to work with. She is encouraging, flexible, supportive, and always respectful of the fact that she is working in someone's home.

I highly recommend Carolina Harvey and Cure the Clutter for all of your home organizing needs!


-Kristine | Newville, PA

Carolina was great. She was super fast, which allowed me to have laser focus as we went through the space. I really appreciated the fact that she said she'll only focus on what I want her to focus on (i.e. she wouldn't judge my junk draw if she was just going there for a pen!) and came without judgement. Her positive attitude and energy made the experience a great one, and I'm really happy with the end result.


-Abby | Harrisburg, PA 

Carolina was wonderful to work with. I had a couple of areas in the house that had gotten away from me and she helped me restore order. In addition, we tackled the garage which I hadn't been able to get my car in for over five years. It's such a pleasure to again have the use of my garage.


-Leslie | Hershey, PA

Before I called on Cure the Clutter to my house, I was struggling with a disorganized, messy and very cluttered house. After Carolina, from Cure the Clutter, came I was impressed by her efficiency, her organizational skills and her expertise in sorting things out. She helped me tremendously and showed me and gave me tips on how to manage and control clutter. She is by far the best organizer I've seen. I highly recommend Carolina from Cure The Clutter! She will change your life!


-Joane | Camp Hill, PA

Cure The Clutter has helped to simplify and organize my home and life!   I have enjoyed working with Carolina for many years and have worked through cleaning out spaces and developing organizational systems. My favorite things about my sessions are Carolina's focus and no-judgement attitude.  She takes the lead but is always listening to what I have to say.  She can easily forge ahead with projects that look overwhelming....I'm SO pleased at the end of every session when I see the fruits of her labor - an old space can feel new again.


-Megan | Mechanicsburg, PA

Carolina came into my life at the perfect time... we bought a fixer upper (yikes!) and had been working on it for 3 years. Currently, we needed all our children's bedroom closets to be finished with organizing shelves and hangers. Lo and behold, that is Carolina's specialty! Not only is she gifted with an eye for detail but she is such a blessing. Carolina is kind and courteous always keeping her clients needs at the forefront of her mission. We have worked with Carolina on 2 projects and we are excited to work with her on several more projects in the future.


-Vasilia | Mechanicsburg, PA

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