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To-Dos vs. To-Don'ts

What to-do and What not to-do when organizing and decluttering. When we go into a client’s homes, we assess their situation and ask questions. We look at the items they want us to address. We look at the order they want to address them in. We look at each space and create a plan. We break down that plan into more manageable parts. Then we get to work. Because taking the proper steps is key to having a successful space become reality. So, what works and what doesn’t work, whether you are working with an organizer or on your own there are some basic rules to follow?

Do make time/Don’t rush. It is key to make time for the project, so you don’t end up with a bed full of clothing or a kitchen full of countertops. If you have an hour, then do a smaller project like a junk drawer. If you have a day then you can take on your whole kitchen, or half of your basement or your bedroom closet.

Do make a goal/Don’t overcommit. Setting goals is so important so that you know what you want to do and how long you feel it will take you to get there.  It’s better to set the goal and not reach it but be closer to what you are aiming for then never setting a goal.

Do let go/Don’t keep everything. We aren’t telling you to get rid of everything, but what we are saying is to make a decision on a percentage or a category that can be let go of and then stick to it. Let’s say you decide to let go of 20% then on average for every 5 things, you let go of one. If it’s a category, like all magazines then stick to it.

Do make a plan/Don’t treat it haphazardly. If your goal is to organize a space but the space is too large to do in one period of time then make a plan to make it more manageable over time. Or make a step by step plan. 1. Purge 2. Then take items to their permanent homes, for example: the bathroom, or kitchen or basement 3. Refill the space with the items that should live there.

Do realize that you are unique/Don’t compare yourself to others. We often will compare the worst of ourselves to the best of someone else. We see all of our flaws, but we don’t know our neighbor or an influencers flaws. What you see in public is not always the whole truth of a situation. Remember you are created uniquely and there is no other you so be YOU.

Do measure your success/Don’t forget to celebrate progress. I find that when I work with clients, it’s important to enjoy the successes with something you can touch or do. You can spend some money on organizing containers. Watch a movie you have been wanting to see or get your favorite dessert. Who doesn’t love to celebrate. It’s important that no matter how big or small the progress is you enjoy what you have accomplished.

Do find a mentor or a professional/Don’t shortchange yourself or the value of your mentor or professional. Whether you are seeking someone to coach you, work with you, or transfer their skill to you, you should find someone that understands your needs, not theirs but yours. Find someone who will share your vision and join you on your journey.

You are worthy of having a wonderful home and space to live in. You deserve a life that brings you joy. You can have what it is you are looking for if you take it one day, one step at a time. YOU have got this and when you don’t WE have got YOU!

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