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Compassion Over Clutter


I hear these words daily when I talk to new clients on the phone. Often, they will share this in their first session. Even still they share that they are fed up with living in their disorganized environment.

We ask ourselves why? Why are we dealing with this? Why now? What got me here? These are some of the questions that my clients and I discuss during our sessions and there are many answers. Sometimes it’s because of the loss of a loved one, loss of what could have been, or even the loss of their childhood.

Hearing these words doesn’t scare me or run me off but gives me the opportunity to care for them well. My clients are letting me into a private world. One that very few people are allowed the privilege to enter. It is an honor to help, encourage, and love on a fellow human being.

So, when you see someone that has a packed car or won’t let you into their home, don’t judge them. They are living in their pain and struggle and its hard to let people in. People can be hard to handle because there is so much judgement and family is even more difficult.

We often don’t understand and want to say “well, I lost a loved one and didn’t collect things”, “I’ve been broken up with and moved on with life”, or “why can’t they just throw it away, its trash?”. I can’t get into depth of the reasons but do know that it is a mental disorder. People struggling think and function differently. When you have the complete story of what someone has gone through, we can follow it with compassion but it’s so easy to think the worst of them when we don’t have the full story.

What I’m asking you is to have compassion without knowing all of it. We can all fall victim to judging and being judged. Think about it when you go out and try something new or someone in your life tells you, “You can’t do it”. You know your full story and can give yourself grace. But what about your fellow neighbor or co-worker or family member, do you know their full story?

No matter what it is, we take it one step at time. We take it one task, one paper, or one area at a time. It’s more manageable and helps us deal with what is really at the root of what’s happening in the home or business. We want to give them daily tools to do better because they deserve better.

Let’s turn our words into:


We can be better for it. Sharing compassion for those that are hurting. Giving love to those that need it. Extending understanding to those that are hard to accept. Showing grace to those that cross our paths. I am in an extraordinary position to help people outside of my home demographic, as well as, at home and I am so thankful I can. I want to show them that someone cares for them and that they matter. Join me in caring for them and letting them know that they are worthy!

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