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It's GO (Get Organized) Month

Is the year 2023 the year you get organized?

Is 2023 the year of more productivity?

Did you commit to managing your time better in 2023?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this blog is for you. I am going to share some of the best organizing, productivity, and time management tools you’ll love. Here are my top 8 tools in no particular order.

1. In late 2022, I highlighted turntables as a great tool for hard-to-reach spaces but it’s also great for spaces that you feel can go to waste sometimes. I have quite a few that I use with my clients but the 2 that I feel like are the best are these. The first one is great because it has dividers and the second one is super useful because you can maximize the entire turntable for all your needs.

A. divided-lazy-susan-asm-42671?variant=41449768911032

2. This tool is fantastic for travel. It’s great for your work bag. It’s great for your school bag. It’s my favorite organizing tool of all time. The GRID-IT!® by Cocoon has bungie cords and a back zipper pocket that can fit all of your travel, work, or school supplies. It can carry battery packs, cords, ear buds, and so much more. It comes it varying sizes and is the best thing since sliced bread.

3. Hardy bins are so important when you want to organize a larger space like a garage or a basement. These bins have a strong top and body so that you can stack well. They keep their shape and don’t buckle anywhere. If you want to see what you have get the clear ones and if you prefer to keep the contents to yourself then get the opaque ones. Remember to label so you can find what you need at a moment's notice.

A. Clear option -

B. Opaque option -

4. When you need something that can move around with you, something that is easily transportable from room to room or space to space, these art/tool carts are great. They come with so many different attachments and can be repurposed even when their original purpose ends. They are great for home school classrooms, office supplies, gift wrapping, etc.

5. Clear, strong bins with or without lids are a great way to deal with a space that you have where you don’t want to waste your vertical space. Bins that are easy to see through and easy to label. These organizing bins are great for pantries, bathrooms, cabinets, or any space you don’t want to go to waste. They can stack or fly solo and come in so many sizes and shapes.

6. Junk drawers, make-up drawers, actually any drawers will be organized in just moments with this wonderful little bins. These bins can fit pens, make-up brushes, toothpaste tubes, hair ties, credit cards, coupons, and any little items that you want to be able to see and identity quickly when you open the drawer or space. Sweet bonus is these come with a rubber bottom that you can install so that the bin stays in place when you open and close your drawers.

7. Are there moments where you miss appointments or forget to connect with a friend for a lunch date? Manage your time and productivity with an electronic/paper calendar. There are so many great ones out there. Look for the one that fits your lifestyle best. Find one that you know you will follow through with daily. Follow-through is key for any organizing tool you use to be a success. This calendar can sync multiple family members into one calendar. Making it easy to see everyone’s schedules. Be ready to be prepared and have everyone in your family be on time.

8. Sometimes you want to write something down or brain dump all your thoughts to notebook/journal. Find an application on your phone where you can dictate your information or lists to daily. Or find a notebook that stands out that you always know where it is and can grab at a moment’s notice to write down important information for your doctor or where you can share about your day. You can even get a notebook that has your favorite photos of your favorite people on it.

No matter what space, drawer, area of your life you want to simplify, manage better, or have increased access to, it’s important to remember that you should organize for yourself and your family. While most of us enjoy aesthetically pleasing homes and spaces it’s vital that it fits your needs and the needs of your family. Enjoy organizing that space. Enjoy the newfound joy you have in being able to put your finger on what you need in moments. Finally, enjoy working through the process of what you need and if you ever need help, well, we are here, just a phone call or email away. Happy Get Organized (GO) Month and have an abundantly blessed 2023!

Edit: Some links are paid affiliate links.

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