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Dearest clients,

This year has been a full one. A full year of you and your loved ones. A calendar that has been full of moments and memories with you. I have been shown some amazing spaces and feel this extraordinary sense of gratitude that YOU have reached out to me for help.

I have been honored to help prepare you for your long trip.

I have been asked to create a master closet, install it, and fill it with your little one’s things.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to help you organize your garage so you can park your cars.

I have been asked to help you prepare your house for guests.

I have been honored to help you get ready for your big event, the event that declares you and your future spouse are engaged.

I have been asked to help you make some money from the stuff you have been holding onto for years.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to help you get your master bathroom back in order after a remodel.

I have been asked to help you address your deceased parents’ belongings.

I have been honored with the request to help you prepare for a move and unpack from a move.

I have been blessed to help you make sense of your new apartment after your divorce.

I have been asked to help you prepare for your school year as a teacher.

It’s no small feat to reach out to someone and let them know you need help. You are coming from a very vulnerable place asking, and I don’t take that responsibility lightly. You want more for yourself and your family and I admire that so much. You want to use your space better. You want to make it easier for your kids to access their toys. You want to use every inch of the space in your closet. You want to give your sweet husband a landing spot. You want to make sure your dad who is now living with you has a space he can find peace in. You want to make space for your new addition. You want to work from home in a space that makes sense and is easy to navigate daily. You want a pantry that makes sure you can see everything, so you don’t over buy. You want a schedule that makes sense and leaves room for the special moments. You have shown me your family tree and want to make it even better for your kids.

Thank you.

Thank you for the opportunity to help you make those wants a reality.

Thank you for buying me and my husband dinner on our anniversary.

Thank you for allowing me to participate in your daily lives.

Thank you for my waffle maker, something I use often and think of you.

Thank you for making my life fuller because I get to serve you, your family, and your community.

As I go through all the before and afters, videos, notes of gratitude, testimonials, I cannot help but think how blessed I am to do what I love with some pretty amazing people. You allow me the honor and blessing to come into your home or office and help you maximize your space and your time. We have laughed together. We have cried together and I am grateful beyond what I can express. My hope is that I show you my gratitude by giving you my very best every time I work with you. Thank you for supporting my small business and small businesses like mine. You make us successful!

With Sincere Gratitude,


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