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Why a Professional Organizer?

Why would I hire a professional organizer or a productivity expert?

What do they do?

How do people hire one?

What questions do I ask and how do I know if I need a professional for my projects?

Many people have different reasons for hiring a productivity and/or organizing professional. We love how much more our industry is in the public eye with all the shows on TV and a great range of organizational help but sometimes people wonder if an organizer is right for them. Let's talk about it.

Organizers can help in many ways. They can help make a move smoother. An organizer can help you with your child’s play area. They can declutter a garage and give you space to park your car. A productivity expert can make more sense of a workspace in your home. Our goal is to essentially give you your time back so that you can spend time how you’d like to rather than spending time doing things you don’t want to do.

We can do kitchens, places of business, home offices, garages, basements, storage units, attics, and so much more. Professionals in our industry can work in many aspects of your daily lives. Sometimes there is digital clutter that clients need help with, like thousands of emails or pictures or files. We can help there too. We love finding the right tools for your needs.

Our clients' why:

I had a new client reach out and share that they had always been organized in their life and spaces but had a life altering health scare and the aftermath has left them with lower cognitive skills. Putting things where they belong doesn’t come as easily to them. Staying organized doesn’t feel as pressing daily. They can’t solve problems the way they once could, and they called because they would like help with a particular space in their home that has become a catch all.

Still another client reached out because they would like to be more productive in their work life because they now work from home and feel like some systems or different processes would help them. They are highly visual and are looking for solutions that will help them remember why they set it apart in a particular place or where it should go long term.

I have been working with yet another client for over a year going through different spaces of their home because they are a busy wife and mom who works full-time and needs her spaces to be more manageable daily. We have worked on game closets, a pantry, a mudroom, kitchen, master closet and more to help this family spend time together and make memories rather than organize their spaces.

We have several families that have a situation where it’s a family member that struggles with disorganization/hoarding disorder. They are reaching out for help for them and want to know what to do and how to help their loved ones. They ask us what they should say or how they should approach them. We as organizers want to share that burden with them.

The 5 “C”s:

The biggest reason I hear people call me is because potential clients feel overwhelmed. Sometimes its because they have had a loss(es) in their family, it could be because of health issues of their own, or they are having a hard time getting a grasp on a particular space. No matter the reason here are some things that you should look for in a professional. We call them the 5 “C”s.

  1. Compassion – you want to find someone that is a good listener, willing to hear what your needs are before making an assessment

  2. Creative – every space and family are different, and you want someone that will give you customized solutions for your home/office/space

  3. Calm – you want to have someone that is taking each step-in stride and bringing peace to your situation

  4. Caring – someone that cares about your situation, will give you honest feedback and not judge you or your space

  5. Collaborative – they work with you to support your vision for your spaces and share their insight(s)

More questions to ask:

While the 5 Cs are essential in an organizer and productivity specialist you also need to ask some practical questions, so remember to also ask:

  1. Are you insured?

  2. Do you have references of prior clients? May I call them?

Benefits to hiring professionals:

So, what are the benefits of hiring a professional?

  1. You spend less time looking for items that were lost because they now have a home and you have a system in place.

  2. We give you customized solutions to maximize your spaces.

  3. We save you money by helping you take inventory of what you have, so you don't over buy.

  4. We teach our clients to develop new habits that impact their everyday life.

  5. We help you find hidden lost treasures.

It’s ok to not be ok:

You don’t need to be in complete squalor to seek help, but we can help in those urgent situations too.

It’s ok to ask for help from a professional.

It’s ok to not be perfect and great at everything.

It’s ok to need help.

It’s ok to be honest with yourself about your circumstances.

It’s ok that you were once organized but now your cognitive abilities have changed and now you need help.

It’s ok to not be ok. We are here to help, listen, and most of all encourage. Don’t be afraid to reach out, don’t wait, we want to help you be your best you!

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