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It's Get Organized and Be Productive Month

Happy New Year! January is GO (Get Organized) and Be Productive Month. Let’s get your year started off organized and feeling productive!

Organizing your space is an art. There are so many ways to do any given space and you can paint that space however you would like. You can use beautiful bins, boxes, and baskets but if you do not have a system, it doesn’t help you to stay organized.

The key to a great space is a system that you and your family can follow thru on. A good system is something you can always come back to even when life gets messy.

-When a new baby comes into the home.

-When you must care for a close loved one.

-When you go through a traumatic experience.

-When it feels like you cannot keep up with everyday life.

You can do this. Look at how your family functions normally and how the space(s) is used daily. If you aren’t sure where to start, look at the areas that drive you the craziest or frustrate you when you pass by them.

1. Do look at the way you and your family are using the space. Ask your family what would

make the space better?

2. Don’t completely change everything about a space unless you and your family believe

it’s not working at all.

3. Do work with the natural flow of you and your family’s habits.

4. Don’t move your entry drop spot to the front of the house if you come in from the


5. Do tweak as you go, especially since your family and kids grow and change.

6. Don’t be discouraged if it isn’t perfect the first time.

7. Do look at how much time a project is going to take and allow for that time.

8. Don’t start something if you don’t have enough time allocated.

9. Do start small and work your way up to larger projects.

10. Don’t beat yourself up when you bite off more than you can chew.

You can do this! Rome wasn’t built in a day, it will take time to get your home to where you want it and there may be some re-adjustments along the way. The key is to develop systems that you can always come back to after life gets busy/messy. Keep your head up and reward yourself as you accomplish each task. Have fun with GO month and make it a GO year!

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