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From Falcon to Spartan

We are 21 days away from dropping off my eldest son to college. It has gone so fast. The years have seemed to fly by. It’s hard to believe the time to let him take flight has come. Recently I had a dear friend text me about wanting a dorm living segment on organizing. Our kids were in a small group together since they were 18 months old. They both graduated this year and shopping has begun. I knew I wanted to share but I didn’t want to do the traditional list of to buys and to dos so here it goes. Thank you for reading!

We all talk about buying stuff, but I want you to consider a few other things. You might have a college student living at home, you might have a child taking a gap year or you might have a student going to college, no matter what the case is, below are some ideas to help with the transition. As we prepare, I thought there might be some families that want guidance on buying, packing, and ways to enjoy their cherubs before they set sail on their maiden voyage.

Here’s your to buy list:

1. Buy some snacks but remember you can always send a care package. Its great way to show support and love because who doesn’t love getting mail.

2. Buy a great fan, it’s worth the expense, because a lot of dorms don’t have air conditioning. When I found this out I wasn’t happy but it did cross my mind that at least he will endure like most of us did with no ac and we did just fine. Here's the one we purchased.

3. Buy those sheets and towels sets from the company that is mailing you that flyer. As of late, they were selling them for 30% off. It’s a great one stop shop for linens and has an awesome warranty of 4 years.

4. Buy storage for packing and have it double as under bed storage. Two options to consider are bins or plastic stackable drawers. Most colleges have about 3 feet under the bed. Maximize it so moving in, moving out and living there is more organized. Remember to label, label, label. Here are the bins we got.

Here’s your to do list:

1. Unpack all the new products. Take them out of their boxes and plastics. Get rid of the cardboard and paper at home. Register those electronics at home because it likely won’t happen at school. It will make unpacking at school a whole lot easier.

2. When buying don’t over buy. Families don’t want to come home with stuff that was over bought or not necessary to bring. It’s ok to get the light strings but do you need 5 of them? Be conservative with your spending and keep it to the basics.

3. For the college student that is commuting, buy them some special things for their room. A great desk or new lamp to give them a bright and clear space to study at home. Give them a spot in the fridge that is just for them and fill it with their favorites for their days at school.

Here’s your, enjoy your child list:

1. Remember that even though they can be ornery, they need you. Be there for them however they need you.

2. Stay up late and talk to them, you don’t know when you’ll get that chance again. I remember a mom that shared with me that she stayed up late with her son listening to him play his music, they didn’t say much but it meant so much to him that she was willing to hang out with him.

3. Spend time with them doing things they enjoy. Go to the movies, take a drive, go shopping, take that bike ride with them. You will be amazed by the conversations you can have when they are doing what they enjoy.

When I went to college a few years ago (haha), I had everything packed in boxes and with my mom, we were driven by this gentleman that transported people that were moving whether it was within the state or across state lines. We thought we had everything but when I went to unpack and sleep the first night, I realized I didn’t have a pillow. I didn’t have money, credit or family near by so until I got a job (2 weeks later), I didn’t have a pillow and slept with a blanket under my head. Now, don’t feel bad for me but it reminds me of what’s important. That is family and having the basics. Don’t worry about the rug or a great poster, remember the basics. Linens, clothing, and school supplies.

I loved going to college and being able to meet new people. Yeah, I slept with no pillow for 2 weeks and it wasn’t’ the worst thing. If anything, it made me appreciate the little things and made me stronger. Enjoy the experience whether you are sending off a child, like my husband and I are, or you are that child going to college, enjoy your family and friends.

Welcome new experiences, new people, and push through the hard because it’s what makes you stronger and makes you, YOU! You have got this and for those parents that need it, make sure you bring tissues to drop off because I know I’m going to need them! Shedding happy tears of course!

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Jul 31, 2022

Great Stuff Carolina! Thanks! I'll have one possibly going away next year. It's good to get a head start. ❤️

Carolina Harvey
Carolina Harvey
Aug 01, 2022
Replying to

Thanks Kijuanna! Preparation is key. You got this mama!

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