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Fight To The Finish

Being a part of Emmy Nominated A&E's Hoarders is a show like no other. Anticipating the show filming is exciting and nerve racking. Cleaning out the house, working with the client and families is emotional and tremendously physical. I just want to share a little about my first experience with you, and no matter what challenges are put before you, you can have the courage to fight back and push through.

I have enjoyed my experience on the show with the families, crew and other organizers. The families have been so grateful to all of us for being there and helping them. The crew has been professional and truly feels like a second family to me. What can I say about the organizers except that they are my people and even though we don’t all see eye to eye, we are there to get a job done and we communicate and push through each situation.

The first episode I filmed wasn’t without drama. Not TV drama even though there was some of that but personal drama. Let me share. I arrived in Fredericksburg, VA on a Thursday to film on a Friday. We start filming on Friday and I have this nasty rash on my legs that just won’t go away. I share with the set Medic, Tim, that I have this difficult rash and he gives me Benadryl. It continues the next day and I get spray for it, but it still doesn’t go away.

In the meantime, after a hard day of work on set at the client’s home I decide I want to go out for ice cream (who doesn’t love ice cream?) and maybe some light shopping, because that is what girls do (most girls anyway) when they are traveling. My car wasn’t having it. I drive about 250 yards out of the hotel parking lot and the car starts blinking and then completely shuts off. I do what I must and call a tow truck. They come out to tow my car and tell me my battery and likely my alternator needs repaired. I am out of my home state, so this is not good news. Remember though I am still dealing with my rash.

As if that wasn’t enough, remember those adoptive daughters that I talked about in my first blog post, well one of them anyway, her biological mom passes away while I am in Fredericksburg. So, I am heartbroken for her and their family as they mourn this huge loss and thinking all I want to do is comfort her.

That same evening that I find out about my daughter’s bio-mom, I get my car back but still have that itchy rash that won’t quit. I shared with the medic from the beginning that I believed I needed steroids because I have had an allergic reaction to this before. I finally go to urgent care and have it looked at where they prescribe steroids. Immediately I start to feel better. So, 2 issues down and I keep filming.

I share my whole saga to say that no matter what you are going through, keep going. Don’t give up what you love to do! Don’t let obstacles deter you! Push through them! Fight for what you want and keep your spirits up. Surround yourself with amazing people that love and care for you. You'll win because you didn't quit!

I am thankful I didn’t call it quits because of that episode I have been blessed to do more shows with Hoarders and can’t wait to share more with you. You’ll just have to keep tuning in and reading!

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