From a pile to a one stop shop

The client desired a craft closet that would be the central zone for stocking all classrooms and needs of their organization.  We step-up spaces for small and large craft items, paint and paper.  We found a solution for standing items and labeled the space.

This space was transformed in 8 hours.


From difficult to focus to more productive and creative

The client desired a place where she could be creative and productive.  The first thing we did was move the desk in front of the windows and the churches’ old wind pipes from in front of the windows to a side wall.  The amount of sunshine that came through was wonderful.  We then set up systems that would work ideally for all the hats she wore in her office.

This space was transformed in 3.5 hours.

From no homes for things to everything in its place

The client wanted a space where she didn’t run over anything, bump into anything when they opened the car doors and a place for everything.  We set up 3 spaces.  The first one was for outerwear and clothing accessories.  The second was for toys and household goods like light bulbs and paper products and the last was a place for bikes and golf clubs.

This space was transformed in 3 hours.



From nowhere to be found to found in under a minute

The client wanted to have a clear space with places to enjoy her pictures.  First we set-up a system so that she could handle her household paper once it entered her home.  We then filtered her current paper (about 3 decades worth) through the new system and developed a system for her photos.  This space was transformed in 23 hours.






From dependence to independence

The client wanted a space for her child to be able to see all her clothes and be able to pick her outfits daily.  We set-up the clothing by season and organized the items that didn’t need hanging in storage containers that were very accessible.  This space was transformed in 3 hours.




From no sense of direction to a new space that anyone can make sense of

The client desired a closet that anyone could manage whatever role they played in their organization.  We cleared out the space, found permanent homes for items that didn’t belong and assigned homes to items that needed to be there. This space was transformed in 2 hours.\


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